New York City will forever be a reflection of those who populate it and for all those who have passed through, the aura of the city shall remain with them. 40% of all Americans can trace their roots back to New York City and each one of them has a unique story. Picture New York City circa 1978 – 1979. Downtown Brooklyn was not filled with trendy restaurants, but immigrants who were eager for a better life; Times Square wasn’t a tourist attraction, but a seedy stretch of blocks overrun with prostitution and peep shows; fireworks were “legal”; and the sound of kids’ voices rang through the night as they played sports under the streetlights of their neighborhoods. The fabric sewn from New York City’s past stretches across this country, and for us, 3 friends from Brooklyn, dates back three generations.

While conceptualizing our ideas for this brand, we took a stroll down New York City’s memory lane and drew from the wealth of inspiration this city has to offer. New York City is a collaboration of culture, history, genealogy, and heritage, and each borough has its own story of strength and pride. New York City is our muse and we need not look further to bring you the collections of Buro 5.